17.2.366. MPI_T_pvar_readreset

MPI_T_pvar_readreset — Atomically read and reset the value of a performance variable

17.2.366.1. SYNTAX

17.2.366.1.1. C Syntax

#include <mpi.h>

int MPI_T_pvar_readreset(MPI_T_pvar_session session, MPI_T_pvar_handle handle, const void *buf)


  • session: Performance experiment session.

  • handle: Performance variable handle.

  • buf: Initial address of storage location for variable value.

17.2.366.3. DESCRIPTION

MPI_T_pvar_readreset atomically queries and resets the value of a performance variable bound to the handle specified by handle in the session specified by session. The result is stored in the buffer pointed to by buf. This function can only be used with performance variables that are atomic and not readonly. The caller must ensure that the buffer pointed to by buf is large enough to hold the entire value of the performance variable.

17.2.366.4. ERRORS

MPI_T_pvar_readreset will fail if:

  • MPI_T_ERR_NOT_INITIALIZED: The MPI Tools interface not initialized

  • MPI_T_ERR_INVALID_HANDLE: The handle is invalid or not associated with the session

  • MPI_T_ERR_INVALID_SESSION: Session argument is not a valid session

  • MPI_T_ERR_PVAR_NO_ATOMIC: Variable cannot be read and written atomically

  • MPI_T_ERR_PVAR_NO_WRITE: Variable cannot be reset