17.2.321. MPI_Session_f2c

MPI_Session_c2f, MPI_Session_f2c - Translates a C session handle into a Fortran INTEGER-style session handle, or vice versa.

17.2.321.1. SYNTAX

17.2.321.1.1. C Syntax

#include <mpi.h>

int MPI_Session_f2c(const MPI_Fint *f_session, MPI_Session *c_session)
int MPI_Session_c2f(const MPI_Session *c_session, MPI_Fint *f_session)

17.2.321.2. PARAMETERS

  • f_session: mpi-style INTEGER MPI session object

  • c_session: C-style MPI session object

17.2.321.3. DESCRIPTION

These two procedures are provided in C to convert from a Fortran session (which is an array of integers) to a C session (which is a structure), and vice versa. The conversion occurs on all the information in session, including that which is hidden. That is, no session information is lost in the conversion.

When using MPI_Session_f2c(), if f_session is a valid Fortran session, then MPI_Session_f2c() returns in c_session a valid C session with the same content. If f_session is the Fortran value of MPI_SESSION_NULL, or if f_session is not a valid Fortran session, then the call is erroneous.

When using MPI_Session_c2f(), the opposite conversion is applied. If c_session is MPI_SESSION_NULL, or if c_session is not a valid C session, then the call is erroneous.

17.2.321.4. NOTES

These functions are only available in C; they are not available in any of the Fortran MPI interfaces.