18.2.81. shmem_info_get_name

shmem_info_get_name - This routine returns the vendor defined character string. SYNOPSIS

C or C++:

#include <mpp/shmem.h>

void shmem_info_get_name(char *name)


include 'mpp/shmem.fh'

shmem_info_get_name() This routine returns the vendor defined character string of size defined by the constant SHMEM_MAX_NAME_LEN. The program calling this function prepares the memory of size SHMEM_MAX_NAME_LEN, and the implementation copies the string of size at most SHMEM_MAX_NAME_LEN. In C, the string is terminated by a null character. In Fortran, the string of size less than SHMEM_MAX_NAME_LEN is padded with blank characters up to size SHMEM_MAX_NAME_LEN. The implementation copying a string of size greater than SHMEM_MAX_NAME_LEN results in an undefined behavior. Multiple invocations of the routine in an OpenSHMEM program always return the same string. For a given library implementation, the major and minor version returned by these calls is consistent with the compile-time constants defined in its shmem.h.

See also

intro_shmem(3) shmem_my_pe(3) shmem_init(3)