18.2.50. shmem_finalize

shmem_finalize - A collective operation that releases resources used by the OpenSHMEM library. This only terminates the Open-SHMEM portion of a program, not the entire program. SYNOPSIS

C or C++:

#include <mpp/shmem.h>

void shmem_finalize(void)


include 'mpp/shmem.fh'

shmem_finalize is a collective operation that ends the OpenSHMEM portion of a program previously initialized by shmem_init and releases resources used by the OpenSHMEM library. This collective operation requires all PEs to participate in the call. There is an implicit global barrier in shmem_finalize so that pending communication is completed, and no resources can be released until all PEs have entered shmem_finalize. shmem_finalize must be the last OpenSHMEM library call encountered in the OpenSHMEM portion of a program. A call to shmem_finalize will release any resources initialized by a corresponding call to shmem_init. All processes and threads that represent the PEs will still exist after the call to shmem_finalize returns, but they will no longer have access to any resources that have been released.

See also

intro_shmem(3) shmem_my_pe(3) shmem_init(3)