17.1.3. mpisync

mpisync — Open MPI timing tools SYNTAX

mpisync [options]

mpirun_prof [options]

ompi_timing_post [<timing-file>] [<processed-file>] DESCRIPTION

mpisync: determines clock offsets relative to Head Node Process (HNP). It accepts the following options:

  • -o, --output: The name of output file where offsets related to HNP will be written

  • -h, --help: Print help information

ompi_timing_post takes the timing output file as input parameter. The events are sorted by the timestamps. Next, the timestamps are replaced with time offsets relative to the first : previous event.

mpirun_prof is a wrapper around mpirun that performs clock synchronisation and post-processing of the timing output file. NOTES

The mpisync code was derived from MPIPerf project: http://mpiperf.cpct.sibsutis.ru/index.php/Main/Documentation FILES

The output file has following format:

<hostname> <round-trip-time> <offset-from-hnp>