4.9.5. CLI Options for required support libraries

The following configure command line options are for Open MPI’s required support libraries

  • --with-hwloc[=VALUE]:

  • --with-libevent[=VALUE]:

  • --with-pmix[=VALUE]:

  • --with-prrte[=VALUE]: These four options specify where to find the headers and libraries for the Hwloc, Libevent, PMIx, and PRRTE libraries, respectively. The following VALUEs are permitted:

    • external: Use an external installation (rely on default compiler and linker paths to find it). configure will abort if it cannot find suitable header files and libraries.

    • internal: Use Open MPI’s internal/bundled copy.

    • No value specified: Try the external behavior. If that fails, fall back to internal behavior. This is the default behavior.

    • DIR: Specify the location of a specific installation to use. configure will abort if it cannot find suitable header files and libraries under DIR.

  • --with-hwloc-libdir=LIBDIR:

  • --with-libevent-libdir=LIBDIR:

  • --with-prrte-libdir=LIBDIR:

  • --with-pmix-libdir=LIBDIR: See the configure CLI options conventions for a description of these four options.

  • --with-valgrind[=DIR]: Directory where the valgrind software is installed. If Open MPI finds Valgrind’s header files, it will include additional support for Valgrind’s memory-checking debugger.

    Valgrind support is disabled by default in Open MPI. Enabling Valgrind support will eliminate a lot of false positives when running Valgrind on MPI applications. There is a minor performance penalty for enabling this option.