4.9. make targets

Open MPI supports all the make targets that are provided by GNU Automake, such as:

  • all: build the entire Open MPI package

  • install: install Open MPI

  • uninstall: remove all traces of Open MPI from the installation tree

  • clean: clean out the build tree

Once Open MPI has been built and installed, it is safe to run make clean and/or remove the entire build tree.

Generally speaking, the only thing that users need to do to use Open MPI is ensure that PREFIX/bin is in their PATH and PREFIX/lib is in their LD_LIBRARY_PATH. Users may need to ensure to set the PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH in their shell setup files (e.g., .bashrc, .cshrc) so that non-interactive ssh-based logins will be able to find the Open MPI executables.