9.5. Deprecation warnings while compiling MPI applications

If you see deprecation warnings when compiling MPI applications, it is because your application is symbols / functions that are deprecated in MPI. For example:

shell$ mpicc deprecated-example.c -c
deprecated-example.c: In function 'foo':
deprecated-example.c:6:5: warning: 'MPI_Attr_delete' is deprecated: MPI_Attr_delete was deprecated in MPI-2.0; use MPI_Comm_delete_attr instead [-Wdeprecated-declarations]
     MPI_Attr_delete(MPI_COMM_WORLD, 2);
In file included from deprecated-example.c:2:
/usr/local/openmpi/include/mpi.h:2601:20: note: declared here
 OMPI_DECLSPEC  int MPI_Attr_delete(MPI_Comm comm, int keyval)

Note that the deprecation compiler warnings tells you how to upgrade your code to avoid the deprecation warnings. In this example, it advises you to use MPI_Comm_delete_attr() instead of MPI_Attr_delete().

Also, note that even if Open MPI was configured with --enable-mpi1-compatibility to re-enable removed MPI-1 symbols, you will still get compiler warnings when you use the removed symbols. For example:

shell$ mpicc deleted-example.c -c
deleted-example.c: In function 'foo':
deleted-example.c:8:5: warning: 'MPI_Address' is deprecated: MPI_Address was removed in MPI-3.0; use MPI_Get_address instead. [-Wdeleted-declarations]
     MPI_Address(buffer, &address);
In file included from deleted-example.c:2:
/usr/local/openmpi/include/mpi.h:2689:20: note: declared here
 OMPI_DECLSPEC  int MPI_Address(void *location, MPI_Aint *address)