9.6. Deprecation warnings while compiling MPI applications

If you see deprecation warnings when compiling MPI applications, it is because your application is symbols / functions that are deprecated in MPI. For example:

shell$ mpicc deprecated-example.c -c
deprecated-example.c: In function 'foo':
deprecated-example.c:6:5: warning: 'MPI_Attr_delete' is deprecated: MPI_Attr_delete was deprecated in MPI-2.0; use MPI_Comm_delete_attr instead [-Wdeprecated-declarations]
     MPI_Attr_delete(MPI_COMM_WORLD, 2);
In file included from deprecated-example.c:2:
/usr/local/openmpi/include/mpi.h:2601:20: note: declared here
 OMPI_DECLSPEC  int MPI_Attr_delete(MPI_Comm comm, int keyval)

Note that the deprecation compiler warnings tells you how to upgrade your code to avoid the deprecation warnings. In this example, it advises you to use MPI_Comm_delete_attr() instead of MPI_Attr_delete().

Also, note that even if Open MPI was configured with --enable-mpi1-compatibility to re-enable removed MPI-1 symbols, you will still get compiler warnings when you use the removed symbols.

The following is a list of functions that have been deprecated in MPI, and the function that is replacing them. Some functions have been deprecated and removed from the MPI specification, these functions are listed here.

Deprecated symbol

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Replaced with

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MPI version deprecating the symbol



MPI-2.0 (1996)



MPI-2.0 (1996)



MPI-2.0 (1996)



MPI-2.0 (1996)



MPI-2.0 (1996)



MPI-2.0 (1996)



MPI-2.0 (1996)



MPI-2.2 (2009)



MPI-2.2 (2009)



MPI-2.2 (2009)



MPI-4.0 (2021)



MPI-4.0 (2021)


Fortran intrinsics``c_sizeof`` or storage_size

MPI-4.0 (2021)

9.6.1. MPI_Keyval_create

MPI_Keyval_create has been deprecated and replaced by MPI_Comm_create_keyval. The C binding of the new function is identical to the deprecated version. Hence, applications can simply replace the function that is being invoked.

The Fortran binding differs in that the extra_state argument is an address-sized integer in the new interfaces (vs. a regular integer in the old interfaces). Also, the copy and delete callback functions have Fortran bindings that are consistent with address-sized attributes.

USE mpi
EXTERNAL my_copy_attr_function
EXTERNAL my_copy_delete_function
INTEGER ierror
INTEGER comm_keyval
INTEGER old_extra_state

! Old way
CALL MPI_KEYVAL_CREATE(my_copy_attr_function, my_copy_delete_function,
                       comm_keyval, old_extra_state, ierror)

! New way
CALL MPI_COMM_CREATE_KEYVAL(my_copy_attr_function, my_delete_attr_function,
                            comm_keyval, new_extra_state, ierror)

9.6.2. MPI_Keyval_free

The binding of MPI_Keyval_free and MPI_Comm_free_keyval are identical for both C and Fortran. Users can directly replace the deprecated function with its new version.

9.6.3. MPI_Copy_function and MPI_Delete_function

The MPI_Copy_function and MPI_Delete_function are only used in the deprecated function MPI_Keyval_create(), as described in the MPI_COMM_CREATE_KEYVAL.

For C codes, developers can simply use the new, exactly-equivalent type name (i.e., the return type, number, and type of parameters didn’t change) MPI_Comm_copy_attr_function, and MPI_Comm_delete_attr_function respectively.

For Fortran applications, the only difference lies in required integer type for the extra_state argument, which now has to be an address-sized integer.

9.6.4. MPI_Attr_put

The C binding for the deprecated MPI_Attr_put is identical to its replacement, MPI_Comm_set_attr. The Fortran binding differ in the usage of an addressed size integer for the attribute value in the new MPI_Comm_set_attr vs. a regular integer in MPI_Attr_put.

USE mpi
INTEGER ierror
INTEGER comm_keyval
INTEGER old_attr_val

! Old way
                   old_attr_val, ierror)

! New way
                       new_attr_val, ierror)

9.6.5. MPI_Attr_get

The C bindings of the old and the new interfaces are identical. Fortran binding differ in the usage of an addressed size integer for the attribute value in the new MPI_Comm_get_attr vs. a regular integer in MPI_Attr_get.

9.6.6. MPI_Attr_delete

C and Fortran bindings are identical for MPI_Attr_delete and MPI_Comm_delete_attr, hence developers should be able to just directly substitute one function call by the other.

9.6.7. MPI_Info_get

Applications should replace the use of MPI_Info_get with MPI_Info_get_string, but the usage differs slightly. See the example below.

    MPI_Info info;

    // Create an info object using MPI_Info_create()

    // Retrieve the the value of a provided key later in the code
    char key[] = "my_key";
    char value[64];
    int valuelen=64;
    int flag;

    // Old way
    MPI_Info_get(info, key, valuelen, &value, &flag);

    // New way
    // Note that we pass the address of valuelen with
    // the new interfaces, since the variable will
    // contain the length of the value string after
    // the function call.
    MPI_Info_get_string(info, key, &valuelen, &value, &flag);

9.6.8. MPI_Info_get_valuelen

MPI_Info_get_valuelen has been deprecated since the new function MPI_Info_get_string also returns the length of the value string. Please refer to the example shown in MPI_INFO_GET.

9.6.9. MPI_Sizeof

The MPI_SIZEOF construct in Fortran has been deprected since there are standard Fortran language constructs such as c_sizeof and storage_size that can be used instead.

9.6.10. MPI_Comm_errhandler_fn, MPI_File_errhandler_fn, MPI_Win_errhandler_fn

The following function typedefs have been deprecated and are superseded by new names. Other than the typedef names, the function signatures are exactly the same; the names were updated to match conventions of other function typedef names.

  • MPI_Comm_errhandler_fnMPI_Comm_errhandler_function

  • MPI_File_errhandler_fnMPI_File_errhandler_function

  • MPI_Win_errhandler_fnMPI_Win_errhandler_function