3.2. Platform Notes


TODO We should have a canonical list of:

  • required 3rd-party package versions supported (PRRTE, hwloc, libevent)

  • back-end run-time systems supported (behind PRRTE)

  • OS’s and compilers supported

  • network interconnects supported.

  • Systems that have been tested are:

    • Linux (various flavors/distros), 64 bit (x86, ppc, aarch64), with gcc (>=4.8.x+), clang (>=3.6.0), Absoft (fortran), Intel, and Portland (be sure to also see the Compiler Notes section)

    • macOS (10.14-10.15, 11.x, 12.x), 64 bit (x86_64) with XCode compilers

  • Other systems have been lightly (but not fully) tested:

    • Cygwin 64 bit with gcc

    • ARMv6, ARMv7, ARMv9

    • Other 64 bit platforms.

    • OpenBSD. Requires configure options --enable-mca-no-build=patcher and --disable-dlopen with this release.

    • Problems have been reported when building Open MPI on FreeBSD 11.1 using the clang-4.0 system compiler. A workaround is to build Open MPI using the GNU compiler.


32-bit environments are no longer supported.

  • The run-time systems that are currently supported are:

    • ssh / rsh

    • PBS Pro, Torque

    • Platform LSF (tested with v9.1.1 and later)

    • Slurm

    • Cray XE, XC, and XK

    • Oracle Grid Engine (OGE) 6.1, 6.2 and open source Grid Engine